Observations regarding tomatoes

Sorry to the three people who tried to see if I wrote anything new during the last few months but I just restored my keyboard to its natural state (being able to input letters) after my computer underwent a spiritual catharsis.  Everything should be good now.

You know that phrase, “you say tomato, I say to-mott-o,” what is that, nobody says “to-mott-o”…..

I think cherry tomatoes were invented to welcome tomatoes into the fruit group since everybody wants to view tomatoes as vegetables, so the cherries were the ambassadors of the fruits and they took the tomatoes under their wing and showed them the ropes of being fruits.

I saw a can of tomato sauce that said, “This product is gluten free.”  Well of course it is..?  Why would tomato sauce have gluten, also known as wheat flour, in it.  This banana is gluten free as well.  Excuse me while I go drink a glass of gluten free water…

De todas formas…

People view languages very differently from culture to culture.  In America, people don’t really make time for those who aren’t fluent in English, and expect everyone to know it if they are here… people even take it as far as yelling at a group of Korean girls to speak English to each other because “you’re in America and you speak English here,” a scene that is all too common in high school cafeterias… meanwhile, in places like Japan, where the language is viewed as one of the most difficult in the world, the people are very pleased to see somebody trying and struggling to learn their language, but once a foreigner masters it, it’s insulting.  Every foreign language speaking culture I’ve been to has been tolerant of me, but us Americans have it all wrong… let’s just be cherry tomatoes…


One thought on “Observations regarding tomatoes

  1. Hey there again. Long time listener, glad I could get through and on to the airwaves.

    Say, what’s the difference between grape tomatoes and cherry tomatoes? Is it the size? Is it because one of them are still on the vine while the others are handful-poppable into your mouth? Or are they the same and it’s just a regional thing where the east coast call them “grape” and west coast call them “cherry”?

    Big fan of the show, still a devout listener. Keep doing what you’re doing and keep on livin’ in the free world.

    – Joe from Arizona

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