I’m about to write some shit


“Veterans” usually say dumb shit a lot of the time and it is funny that everybody respects whatever they say, just cause they are veterans

Whenever any athlete does any good play or anything, the only thing they ever say is “let’s go,” what is with that, why would you even say that, seems weird, plus you have already “gone”

In other countries sports teams have a minimum required amount of players of their nationality on the team, like a Spanish soccer team has to have a certain amount of Spanish players on it, that would be funny if there were rules like that for different countries, like each French team has to have five Mexicans on it.

It would be funny if there was a guy with an accent that was really hard to understand, and he just went around telling people he couldn’t understand them.

That would be funny if there was a girl who everybody thought was really hot, but there was one guy who didn’t think so, but he got along with her really well and they started dating and everybody was jealous of him because of how hot the girl is, but he doesn’t even think she’s hot.

I walked by a sign that said “Shenandoah Parking Deck, formerly Sandy Creek Parking Deck.”  Why the fuck would anybody need to rename a parking deck