Live Reactions of Me Playing Final Fantasy 2

Hello, I have decided to play Final Fantasy 2, the game that was released only in Japan for Famicom (NES), not the one for Super Nintendo.  I am playing the original version and I have decided to record my thoughts as I play it since I anticipate it being a difficult/tedious game that will procure some interesting thoughts.  Here are the thoughts.

Final Fantasy 2


I’ve played the opening a million times

Not following storyline, too many names

Town music is good

Apparently there is a bad “empire” and I am part of a good “rebel faction”

John Wall got lost after we were defeated in battle… Alex Ovechkin, Bryce Harper and Robert Griffin III have to go find him I guess, that is my party

The music skips a beat every time you enter a door… the developers couldn’t figure out how to make music play continuously, seems funny

O god… buying weapons/armor seems insanely overwhelming, like can’t see any stats or anything, having Nam flashbacks to FInal Fantasy 3…

There is a feature where you learn words and have to say them to certain people, like I have to mention the rebel “password” at times… seems pointless.  Best quote: “I’m just an old man..” “Heh, That was only a disguise.  I’m the rebel’s best blacksmith, Tobul!” And then he does nothing

One of the items the item shop is selling is a Crucifix… wtf is that sposto do, also a Phoenix Down is insanely expensive

Alright, got into a few battles on the world map, got poisoned and couldn’t heal due to not being able to afford antidotes, what the hell

Apparently found the town of “Gatea”

Staying at the Inn in the this town is free, must be the Mana Holy Day

Oh my way to Phin, keep getting “ambushed” by these enemies, everybody honestly misses 9/10 times, some airship flying overhead

What the shit… some asshole Dracula looking captain attacked me in the town in a fight I obviously couldn’t win and I just got a game over

Have to make my way back to Phin, can’t even mash A to get through these fights… god


Not talking to any  of these Dracula looking fuckers in this town again

Dumb shits are blocking certain doors in the town, gotta find a way to get to the unblocked Pub

Made me walk around the town wall, cool, pub full of Draculas though.  Told the bartender the password and he tells me there’s a dying soldier behind the wall… wtf

It is “Scott” of the “Kashuon dynasty”… he is giving his dying wishes on his deathbed when Bryce Harper interrupts and asks this guy if he knows his brother, John Wall… that’s a clown question bro

I have to “back trace it” to the first town I guess… not sure… nobody ever gives me directions in these fucking NES games

And the batteries in my controller died.  that’s enough for tonight