Live Reactions of Me Playing Final Fantasy 2: Part 2

K, here we go again.  Picking this up for round 2

Loaded my game in the middle of a huge f*cking forest, where the hell do I go

Holy shit I went to the wrong part of the map in search for this town and got fucking annihilated by some insanely overpowered enemies… Jesus christ… maybe a warning or something next time maybe

Just gonna flee from any enemy who looks menacing from now on

LOL Robert Griffin III moonwalked out of the battle all slow

K got back to this town and showed the ring of that dying guy to this Hilda queen, they are instating us into the Rebel Army.  Our main task at the moment is to find John Wall

Learned the secret term “Mithril”

The bad guys live in the town of “Phin” and I gotta find some guy Josef in the town of “Salmando” who knows where the Mithril is.  I will be accompanied by helpful Minh who offers his service… and his Canoe

Everyone in the rebel base is jizzing themselves over this Mithril

Got to another town that was previously inaccessible due to lack of Canoe, this town is full of pirates who are hitting on Bryce Harper.

Seriously no reason not to save after every single battle… also Alex Ovechkin’s intelligence level keeps falling, the dumbass

People in Salmando the snow town telling me to go to the “Semite cave”… for the mithril… really… the Jews in this game live in a cave and guard all the valuable ore or something.  It’s like a commentary on the Jew bankers who guard their Swiss vaults

Got to the cave but stopping here cause the Jewish people inside are way too strong for me



the disputed, contested, unofficial Owen songs power rankings

here are my power rankings of all 80 Owen songs.  I included covers, but for duplicates/re-releases or whatever they’re called (like Everyone Feels Like You/Heads Will Ache) I just included one.  Also, is there even another version of “Top Shelf (Funeral Version)”?

80. A Fever

79. That Tattoo Isn’t Funny Anymore

78. Never Been Born

77. Skin and Bones

76. I’m Always in Love

75. An Animal

74. That Mouth

73. A Bird in Hand

72. Windows and Doorways

71. Bed Abuse

70. The Burial

69. I’m Not Going Anywhere Tonight

68. No Language

67. Everyone’s Asleep in the House But Me

66. Brown Hair in a Bird’s Nest

65. Blues to Black

64. Everyone Feels Like You

63. Bad Blood

62. Take Care of Yourself

61. Most Nights

60. Accidentally

59. Think About It

58. The Armoire

57. Summertime Rolls

56. The Ghost of What Should Have Been

55. Use Your Words

54. You Should Do It Now While It’s on Your Mind

53. Good Deeds

52. May First Brings Lots of Laughs

51. No Place Like Home

50. Dead Men Don’t Lie

49. Nobody’s Nothing

48. In the Morning, Before Work

47. Girlfriend in a Coma

46. Never Meant

45. Note To Self:

44. O, Evelyn…

43. I Believe

42. Lights Out

41. New Leaves

40. Where Do I Begin?

39. Vivid Dreams

38. Who Cares?

37. Put Your Hands On Me, My Love

36. Good Friends, Bad Habits

35. Femme Fatale

34. I Woke Up Today

33. I Got High

32. No More No Where

31. Too Many Moons

30. Top Shelf (Funeral Version)

29. More Than Words

28. Playing Possum for a Peek

27. Stolen Bike

26. Guest List

25. Curtain Call

24. Bags of Bones

23. Break Bread with the Devil

22. Abandoned Bridges

21. Ugly on the Inside

20. Mother’s Milk Breath

19. Who Found Whose Hair in Whose Bed

18. One of These Days

17. Gazebo

16. The Only Child of Aergia

15. Love is Not Enough

14. Bad News

13. That Which Wasn’t Said

12. Coffin Companions

11. Amnesia and Me

10. Declaration of Incompetence

9. I’m Not Seventeen

8. She’s a Thief

7. Breaking Away

6. Too Scared to Move

5. Poor Souls

4. Most Days And

3. The Sad Waltzes of Pietro Crespi

2. A Trenchant Critique

1. Places to Go