Thoughts that are too long for twitter

Here are some thoughts that I had which I couldn’t accurately “expunge” via twitter, so I decided to write them here where fewer people will see them:

Thought 1: People get really butt hurt over comparisons, like someone will say like “how dare you compare me to Hitler.”  But that is the whole point of a comparison, to perceive something in a different context so that you can make better sense out of it.  When people get mad about them they are not thinking of comparisons but rather of equations.  Comparing someone to Hitler does not make that person Hitler, just like comparing an apple to an orange does not make an apple an orange.  You’re noticing similarities and differences, not saying they’re the same.  But you’re never gonna hear someone say “How dare you equate me to Hitler!”  It’s like how nobody is gonna start saying “spontaneous” instead of “random.”  I feel like I have written about this before.


Thought 2: It seems like people accept the belief of “don’t judge me” without understanding it.  I feel like everybody should be judging everybody else about pretty much everything, regardless of how positive/negative it is.  You wear a suit every day?  Ya I’m going to judge you for that.  Not going to laugh at you or anything but I’m going to think a certain way about you.  It probably isn’t anything you would even care about.  There comes a point where you can’t sacrifice being perceptive in the vain of not being “judgmental.” 


Thought 3: Thank God I understand the inherent superiority of any independent pizza place with some Italian guy’s name on it over chain places like Pizza Hut, Papa John’s etc.  All of the discussions I’ve had with kids about pizza (and I have had a lot) always come down to everybody naming their favorite places and they all say the big corporations.  I ask them if they’ve ever been to the best local place around here and they’ve never heard of it.  What is that.  Obviously you hafta blame their parents, but WTF are they doing.  I don’t understand how people are different from me when I am clearly right

Those are my thoughts of today




Live Reactions of Me Playing Final Fantasy 2: Part 5

Okay loyal viewers/readers, here we go, it’s been over a month since I played this shit, I was gallivanting around San Diego with some homeless people, sorry, just ready to get back into the thick of things, honestly, and find out what to do with the Egil Torch…

Went back to Phin like they told me to do, nothing there, time to aimlessly wander

BTW there is no way to know what town you are in unless you just remember, like there is nothing anywhere that says the name of the town, so I had to look up a map online to know where I’m going

i was sposto go NORTH of Phin… ***sigh***…

What.. i found the warship thing I have to go to to rescue someone.. but I haven’t “learned” the password… wtf.. what do I do.. where do I go.. why.. somebody please just help me.. god.. it took so fucking long to get there and now i have to just aimlessly wander to some random town and hope I find someone who like tells me the password.. my god..

Oh wait

It’s one of those fucking Dracula empire dudes who were in Finn blocking the entrance, and all he said was “Pass, please” so I thought I was to give him the password.. I gave him the rebel password and he just slaughtered me.. turns out I have an item called “Pass” which is what I needed to give him and he let me through


It’s a good thing every single enemy in this place throws a fucking load of status effects at me, since you know I have this endless inventory of useful items to heal them with except I don’t

Hit exactly 20,000 gil and thought the game had maxed me out there, turns out I just actually hit the round number

That being said, I gotta go to the bank… brb

Okay I’m back

You know what’s cool about this game? All the fucking trap doors that do nothing but get you into a difficult fight except sometimes there is a treasure chest behind one but mostly all they do is discourage you from exploring hahahaha awesome feature guys really cool

Cool just went out of my way to open up a treasure chest which had insanely hard monsters inside and got a game over… I mean it’s not like I saved or anything since there are no fucking save points inside dungeons so I just lost like an hour of progress awesome can’t wait to do it all again


Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 2.28.24 PM