The Notebook

I often keep a notebook on me when I go out and do stuff so I can write down what I am thinking or if I see anything interesting happen or something.  Since I started living in DC the frequency of noteworthy events has increased probably 1000% and I’ve been documenting a lot of it.  I’m gonna “transcribe” a few of the entries I’ve written down here.  Maybe some day I will compile everything + the things I see as a preschool teacher into some type of book or something.  Please excuse all my verb agreement and mechanical errors, it is just directly what I wrote down in the notebook.  Anyway, here:


“Cries of “SHE SET US UP!” ring through this WMATA 53 bus after too many people got on and the driver refused to move the bus because they were in front of the yellow line.  “I AM NOT ALLOWED TO MOVE THIS BUS IF ANYONE IS FRONT OF THE YELLOW LINE!” she yells as she is stopped at 14th and W streets.  Bus riders clamor for everyone to move all the way back.  I squeeze to the back over some woman’s duffle bag & between to guys.  People in the front refuse to disembark.  “Just tell us it’s full” they say.  I lock eyes with the white girl in front of me 3 or 4 times before she picks up her Trader Joe’s bag and squeezes next to me.  Finally the bus moves and gets to the next stop where it doesn’t stay for nearly long enough to let everybody off who needs to get off there.  “I NEED TO GET OFF HERE!” some passengers say. She speeds off.  People up front ask for the driver’s name.  They’re all yelling at her & at each other.  Total mayhem.”


(I went to a blood drive on this day and a lot happened on the way there, like a guy accidentally spitting on me and a drunk Russian dude pleading to me for help on the sidewalk in the middle of the day, but I’m going to move ahead to something a little more outrageous.)

“I got on this metro train and there are just a few other people on it.  One was this older woman in a long coat and hat and she showed this booklet to the couple in the seat in front of her and the guy was just like sorry and then mentioned his aunt died form breast cancer.  Then she offered it to me and I read it, it was some thing about how she’s collecting donations for the Avon cancer walk or something.  There was also a handwritten note in poorly worded “ebonics” about how her name is “Sister Sanders” and she a “church lady” and she “in pain real bad.”  I just said sorry… she handed it to another guy and he said no too and then she just yells FUCK! so loud.  Then she goes to the other side of the train and nobody there helps her and she goes FUCK! again and gets off the train.

Then after the blood drive there was this crying kid alone in an elevator, like a lost kid looking for his mom… it was me and a family in there like assuring him we’ll find her and stuff, we went to every floor and he was trying to tell us stuff that was intermixed with crying, eventually we found them at one floor and the family that was in the elevator started cheering and clapping when they were reunited… it was weird”

(All these things happening made me think about how often this type of strange stuff happens to people yet I don’t really hear about it, like I thought about if that just happens to me a lot but obviously it happens to other people too.  I think I just think about it differently and pay attention to stuff like that, whereas most people try to ignore thinking about that stuff maybe.)

2/5/15: Two ten year old kids in a CVS taking premade chicken caesar salads and just smashing them into the floor.  Dressing everywhere.  Then the kids ran out the store and “insulted” some shopper.  The manager lady saw the carnage and said “are you serious?” and called the police.

2/6/15: saw those two kids again, this time throwing rocks at cars driving by.

2/6/15: Saw them AGAIN going down the escalator into the metro.  They were trying to toss candies or something into the trash can at the bottom.  Then they just ran up the escalator on the other side.

(Screw these kids, real “hood rats.”  But I kinda sympathized with them even though they are shit heads, but I am a shit head.)

So ya I doubt I’ll have a shortage of these at any point so look forward to more… holler