Songs I’ve Liked a Lot in Life and Don’t Hate Yet

since i’m turning 26, here are 26 songs that i have obsessed over, and still like, in chronological order.  this list starts around when i was 10 years old, with probably the first song that i ever played on repeat for hours, and it continues all the way up to a song that i’m obsessing over at the moment.

red hot chili peppers – road trippin
sum 41 – makes no difference
garbage – i can’t seem to make you mine
modest mouse – 3rd planet
pink floyd – run like hell
a tribe called quest – excursions
wolf parade – dear sons and daughters of hungry ghosts
wu tang clan – shame on a nigga
pixies – alec eiffel
ben sollee – bury me with my car (from album “turn on the moon”)
negativland – drink it up
smashing pumpkins – 1979
hi-score – 2600
owen – breaking away
la sarita – guachiman
john prine – that’s the way that the world goes round
wolf parade – cave-o-sapien
laura stevenson – runner
paul baribeau – never get to know
m. ward – undertaker
beck – broken drum
“500 miles” as performed in the movie Inside Llewyn Davis (justin timberlake/carey mulligan/stark sands)
blood orange – it is what it is
sufjan stevens – should have known better
solange – losing you
lightspeed champion – everyone i know is listening to crunk

notes: tried to limit artist repetition.  i probably would have listed half of everything mike kinsella and dev hynes have ever put out if i hadn’t.  i put wolf parade twice because i had practically forgotten about them before i got into them again.


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