I’ve Made A Huge Mistake

i was on the brink of overcoming a day-long migraine when i ate a Trader Joe’s Herbal Green Tea Infused Mint which was very bad and disrupted my senses enough to set me back probably another three hours of head pain (that’s like five migraine years).  i only bought the damn mints because my total at Trader Joe’s came out to $100 even, and the round number freaked me out, so i bought the closest thing in sight, which was a pack of the nasty things.  phooey.


the summer of worst-case-scenario-sports-outcomes-for-mike has ended as my most hated team in the Euro 2016 competition defeated my #2 most hated team in said competition.  i’ve strongly disliked France ever since, as an eight-year-old boy, i watched them win the 1998 World Cup in their own country, thinking the entire thing was rigged and that the refs were cheating to allow France to win. that might be a silly reason to dislike them (though i maintain that i was right), and it’s why i was rooting for them to win (in their own country again) over Portugal, who can screw off with their whiny pretty boy divas who belong in a 90’s boy band.  at least i know it wasn’t rigged this time.


and in another soccer tournament, the USA took fourth place in the Copa America (a tournament they probably shouldn’t have even been in because it’s traditionally amongst South American nations, and held every three years, and there was one last year, and this year’s was held in the US – don’t ask me) , but the title went to Chile, who have now won it twice in a row, and Peruvians and Chileans don’t get along too well. (i think the feud has something to do with grapes, i don’t know.)   i’m not Peruvian, but i lived there for a little, and really got behind the Peruvian soccer team when i did.  during the first few weeks i was there, Peru and Chile played each other, and i kinda hopped on the anti-Chile bandwagon.  so yeah.


in the NBA, my disdain for LeBron James is well documented amongst my friends.  long before “the decision,” he and the Cavs knocked my (not so) beloved Wizards out of the playoffs three straight years in a row, one of which included his famous “crab dribble, hesitation dribble” which is really just him travelling. i vowed to stop watching the NBA if he ever won a title with Miami, which he did, and I did stop for a little while – but now that he came back to Cleveland and the same fanbase who burned his jersey when he left welcomed him back with open arms and ESPN called it a “great story” instead of seeing it as the only move he could make that people would praise him for, (since it’s obvious he doesn’t actually care about Cleveland, a place he wouldn’t have left if he did) i was a little intrigued (via wanting him to lose badly and also to see Golden State complete the best season ever).  but i was disappointed again, so i guess i’ll go back to waking up tomorrow with the same personal problems i woke up with today.


and i’m a capitals fan, which speaks for itself.  it’s one thing watching your team get eliminated from the playoffs nine years in a row with most of the series going to seven games, but it’s another to watch your most hated team knock your team out two of those years and then go on to win the whole thing, which happened again this year.  there’s no recovering from that — to do so, they’d have to (in this fan’s mind) win three Stanley Cups, knocking Pittsburgh out each time.  they’ve never even gotten past the second round in the last decade.


what i think i’m saying is, i’m growing out of being a sports fan.  with my dispositions, it was a bad idea to become one in the first place.  and i find that when i ask myself “why do i care so much? i magically stop caring.  at least until i forget not to.


anyway, back to my headache (which, by the way, i get without fail every single time i play soccer on a sunny day, which, you guessed it, i did today.  it’s my favorite thing to do, but the price i pay for doing it is obnoxious.  once again, i think i’m growing out of this shit).  if you actually read this, thanks.